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The Alligator letterpress poster was designed, carved and printed in March 2018.

9 in stock


Alligator is one letterpress poster in a series of four posters: SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR. The image is a hand-carved linocut. The ALLIGATOR text was printed with vintage wood type. The body copy was printed with vintage lead type.

As the last poster in the SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR series, this poster created a bit of a rumor that Beautiful Angle was saying goodbye forever. The creation and distribution of the poster was featured on TV on Evening Magazine.

Here’s how this series came about:

Lance said, “I want to make a series of posters based on a four-word phrase.” Lance was thinking the phrase would be about truth, beauty, or world peace.

Tom said, “OK, here’s the phrase: SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR.”

Lance sighed, then went to work.

The words on all four posters read this way:

See the lion,/see the lamb,/adjacent on/the diagram./You can sleep/beside a leopard/when a lion/is your shepherd./Sometimes lions/make you wait,/because a king/is never late./Lambs and lions/will sleep together,/but not tonight./Not ’til later./For now us lambs/just lie awake/and dream of wolves/and alligators.


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