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The America letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle was created in October 2015 in Tacoma, WA USA.

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The America letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle was designed, written and printed in October of 2015. The images include a hand-carved linocut, as well as vintage printing plates gifted to us by Art Chantry. The text was printed with a combination of vintage wood type and vintage lead type. A lot of it.

This poster also demands a short explanation. For some reason that may be obvious to others but still remains a mystery to us, Beautiful Angle has a significant following of what we like to call middle-aged church-going white ladies. In order to (ahem) broaden our base, we determined to create a poster specifically designed to alienate this portion of our followers. So, we thought, let’s make a poster intentionally garish. Let’s make the subject astonishingly critical of the worst aspects of white, middle-class America. And, just to make sure, let’s add an image of the Statue of Libery with her head chopped off.

The voice of the poster is that of a circus sideshow barker, who describes America as, among other things, a headless woman with a Colt pistol in each hand and a flaming sabre between her knees!

So did it work? No. An astonishing number of these middle-aged church-going white ladies have described this as their favorite poster and praised it for its beauty.

We’ll keep trying.