Coco Rico Rooster


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Coco Rico was created in January 2017 in collaboration with Raimundo Jurado.

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Rooster is a letterpress poster created with hand-carved linocuts and made in support of Tacoma’s Monkeyshines project to celebrate the Year of the Rooster and Chinese New Year. The text was printed with vintage wood and lead type. The words, “Chante ta chanson. Reveille le dormeur.” translate into English as, “Sing your song. Wake the sleeper.” The poster was inspired by a well-known art nouveau poster by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen. This specific rooster image is based on a photo by Raimundo Jurado.

This is our second YEAR OF THE ROOSTER poster. but the first one stinks so bad, we are not going to link to it here.


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