Good & Evil


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Good & Evil is a letterpress poster created by Beautiful Angle in June 2011.

9 in stock

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Good & Evil was designed, carved, written and printed in June of 2011. This poster was part of the Myth/Mystery series, funded by the Tacoma Arts Commission. The tree image on the poster was carved from plywood. The text was printed with vintage lead type.

The words on the poster read:

What if we didn’t know right from wrong?
Would everything still be all right?
What if we’d never polished the fruit
or opened our lips to take a bite?

What if we didn’t know we were naked?
What if the blood had never been spilled?
What if we still all lived in a garden
where morning thirst met morning dew,
where tigers played outside the zoo,
where shrew and moo and green bamboo,
where innocence grew and we ate our fill?

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