Totem Pole


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Totem Pole is a letterpress poster created by Beautiful Angle in June 2013.

12 in stock

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Totem Pole was designed, written and printed in June of 2013. The poster was created in an effort to raise awareness for the totem pole in Fireman’s Park in Tacoma, Wash., USA. At the time, the local icon was at risk of being removed from the park because of its state of disrepair. After this poster was printed, the totem pole was saved. Correlation or causation? You decide. Since then, a wise decision was made to lay this totem pole to rest, with the guidance of local indigenous leaders. We agree with that decision.

The words on the poster read: From sawdust you came and to sawdust you shall return.

By the way, we understand the complex history of this local landmark.


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