Put A Flower On It


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The Put A Flower On It letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle was created in April 2015 in Tacoma WA USA.

4 in stock


The Put A Flower On It letterpress poster was designed, written and printed in April of 2015. This poster was created in our ongoing effort to get Andy Warhol’s Flower for Tacoma Dome installed as the primary image on the roof of the Tacoma Dome.

This image is a key icon for Beautiful Angle. It was created with hand-cut printer’s blanket–a rubbery fabric used in offset printing–and soldering wire glued to plywood. The text was printed using vintage wood type. The flower image was first used in January of 2o06, when we first started this conversation. It was used again in August of 2006.

This poster was printed on-site at Tacoma Wayzgoose at Kings Books.

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