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The Rub letterpress poster was created by Beautiful Angle in March 2015 in Tacoma WA USA.

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Rub is a letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle designed and printed in March of 2015. The images are vintage printing plates from an old Tacoma-based letterpress printshop. The text was printed with a combination of wood type and lead type.

But let’s talk about the top half of the poster. Those were created with vintage lead printing plates. They were used by Clinton Hull Printing, a printshop that first open in Tacoma in the late 1800s. When the shop closed, they donated a large collection of their letterpress printing equipment to Beautiful Angle. Included in that collection were these plates, which were used to print sample catalogs for Tacoma Rubber Stamp. TRS was founded in 1912 and is still in business.

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