Saints and Sinners


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Saints and Sinners  is a letterpress poster printed in Tacoma, Washington in August 2020.

10 in stock

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This letterpress poster was designed, written and hand-printed in August 2020. The frame images use vintage decorative frame engravings. The text is printed with vintage wood type, recently acquired by Lance.

The frame around SAINTS is of special note, as it is an example of art nouveau and was created during that era, which was at its height from 1890-1910. Lance’s recent acquisition of vintage wood type included a rare art nouveau typeface used for the word SAINTS. In other words, both the frame and the type are more than 100 years old.

The lovely frame for the SINNERS section is also of interest, as it was likely originally designed as one half of a two-page-spread framing device, which explains why one side is wider than the other. This copper plate was likely used for an advertisement, and the R monogram at the bottom likely stood for the name of a company. What company? Who knows. Any ideas?

Poster size is 13” x 19”


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