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Squirrel was created in September 2013 using a gigantic steamroller at Seattle Wayzgoose.

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The Squirrel letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle was designed, carved, written and printed in September of 2013. This poster was hand-carved at a massive scale and printed with a steamroller at Seattle Wayzgoose, hosted by School of Visual Concepts.

When Lance proposed this design, Tom nearly had a heart attack, as this poster required an astonishing amount of hand carving. Both Lance and Tom developed numerous blisters while carving this image.

The words on the poster read as follows:

Je ne suis pas un √©cureuil. C’est juste que j’aime les noix.

Which translates as: This is not a squirrel. It’s just that I like nuts.

The words, concept, and even the shape of the squirrel evoke the famous Rene Magritte painting, The Treachery of Images.


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