Wash Your Hands


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Wash Your Hands is a letterpress poster printed in Tacoma, Washington in June 2020.

15 in stock

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Wash Your Hands was designed, carved, written and printed in June of 2020 in recognition of the COVID crazy currently happening in our community and around the world. The poster was distributed in support of a soap and toiletries drive for families at McCarver Elementary School, in partnership with Feed253 and Tacoma Mutual Aid Collective.

The image for the poster is a two-color hand-carved linocut. The text was printed with vintage lead type. The words on the poster read:

Wash your hands.

Wash your hands of conference rooms.
Wash them of self-checkout lanes and red-light cameras.
Wash them of wall chargers, of login screens, of data plans.
Submerge your hands in soapy water.
Scrub your palms in potting soil.
Rub your knuckles dry with dandelion leaves.
Then set to work,
building callouses from shovel handles
and smoothing the swirls of your fingertips on red clay brick.


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