Yipee Ki-Yay


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The Yipee Ki-Yay letterpresss poster was created by Beautiful Angle in November 2014 in Tacoma WA USA.

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Yipee Ki-Yay is a letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle that was designed, written, and printed in November of 2014.

This was poster was created as a commission by the Tacoma Art Museum to celebrate the opening exhibition of the Haub Family Collection of western art. The text was printed with a combination of vintage wood type and vintage lead type. The images were printed from vintage printing plates, part of our collection donated by Clinton Hull Printing.

These plates were from a sample book of stock plates sold to local printers. If you’ve ever used stock photography, this is the old-fashioned letterpress version. This is a five-color poster, meaning that the poster had to go through the press five times–once for each color, meaning that it was a helluva lot of work.

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