You vs. Me


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The Beautiful Angle letterpress poster, You vs. Me, was created in January 2014 in Tacoma, WA USA.

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The You vs. Me letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle was finally completed in January of 2014, but most of the poster was created months earlier. The artwork for this poster was created by Jeremy Gregory and Jason Grube.

This poster was originally going to be the cover for the second edition of Rotator magazine, but that edition never came about. If you look closely at this cover, you can see little blank rectangles in the corners where other information about the magazine would be printed. The theme for the magazine was going to be “VS.” To bring that concept to life, we asked these two talented artists, with very different styles, to each design half of the cover. Jeremy Gregory’s work has also been seen on this poster and this one. Jason Grube’s work has also been seen on this one.

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