Apostles’ Creed


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Apostles Creed is a letterpress poster created by Beautiful Angle in August 2012. Choose from three different colors.

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Apostles’ Creed was designed, written, and printed in August of 2012. The poster comes in three different versions, each with hand-carved linocuts by graphic designer Chelsey Scheffe. This was the final poster in the Tacoma Myth and Mystery series, a project funded by the Tacoma Arts Commission. The text on the poster was created with vintage wood and lead type.

The words on the poster read:

We believe that timing the lights while going downhill on 9th is still possible, even with the light rail; that the happiest creatures in Point Defiance live outside the bars; and that the spirit of Tacoma lives everywhere there are calloused hands, sore backs, and a beer and a shot.

We believe the rain that rolls in from the Pacific comes to judge the quick and the dead, then stays to enjoy the scenery. We believe in the communion of saints and the communion of sinners; and that all we’re really here to offer are companionship and cool washcloths.

We believe that raspberry freezer jam can be liberally applied to most of the problems we face, with positive effect; and that in every neighborhood, on every street, in every house, and in every cupboard, there exists a mystery so vast and so remarkable that it is worth trying to solve, at least until we die.

We believe Tacoma is proof of the resurrection, as we’ve been slain and buried half a dozen times since November 12, 1878, but have always come crawling back from hell and death. We’ll come back next time, too. And even if we don’t last forever, we’ll last long enough.

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Dark Green, Blue, Green

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