Word Became Flesh


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Word Became Flesh is a letterpress poster created by Beautiful Angle in April 2012.

22 in stock

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Word Became Flesh was designed, written, and printed in April of 2012. This poster was printed on-site at the Tacoma Wayzgoose at Kings Books. The human figure on the poster was hand-cut from printer’s blanket, a rubbery fabric used in offset printing. The figure was first used on a poster in March of 2006. The poster was also part of the Myth/Mystery project, funded by the Tacoma Arts Commission.

The words on the poster include many references to printing terms, and read:

A WORD that had yet
to be WORN
was BORN in a block of lead.
The serifs BORE a sturdy thought.
The strokes WORE a garment
of WIRE and felt.
Silent and WISE lay the word
with an unspoken WISH to be read.
Then a WASH of black ink
and a LASH of a roller
and a singular FLASH of the press
made the word become FLESH
become FLESH become

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