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The Pantages letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle was designed, written and printed in December 2015 in Tacoma, WA USA.

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The Pantages letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle was designed, written, and printed in December of 2015. The black image was created with a magnesium printing plate from a digital file. The text was printed with vintage lead type. The colored circles were done with the help of many participants, using BINGO markers.

The block now occupied by the Pantages Theater was once the site of a saloon, Tacoma’s first library, and Tacoma’s first department store. In 1908, William Jones of Walla Walla bought the block and razed the buildings. Then entered the Greek immigrant, Alexander Pantages, who had dreams of owning beautiful and successful vaudeville theaters across the country. With some financial assistance from his mistress and business partner, Kate Rockwell¬†(Klondike Kate), Pantages and Jones were able to build the combination office building and theater- the Jones Building and Pantages Theater-at a cost of $400,000. Construction began in 1916, and the new Pantages Theater, the second of the Pantages chain, opened in January 1918.


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