Tacoma Aroma


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The Tacoma Aroma letterpress poster by Beautiful Angle and JES was created in November 2013 in Tacoma WA USA.

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Tacoma Aroma was designed, carved, written and printed in November of 2013. This poster was a collaboration with JES, Tacoma’s legendary stencil artist and was one of the fastest-selling posters in Beautiful Angle history. This was a six-color print and ended up with so much ink on each poster that they took months to dry.

JES’ work can still be seen around Tacoma, often using this boy’s face. The boy in the image is based on a famous photograph of a deaf boy named Harold Whitttles and the first time he heard sound, with the help of a hearing aid.

The words on the poster read as follows:

Smells less like destiny
more like desire
more like green lights
less like barbed wire
a hint of blackberries
and Jeff’s Used Tires
essence of matchbooks
and gasoline fire


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