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Trike is a letterpress poster printed in Tacoma, Washington in November 2018.

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Trike is a letterpress poster designed, carved, written and printed in November of 2018. The image on this poster is a two-piece hand-carved linocut. The text was printed with vintage lead type. And that’s a lot of type to set and put away. The poster was done as the promotion piece for our annual Christmas party and fundraiser. In 2018, the funds were raised for the Tacoma Children’s Museum, which was changing the name of their umbrella organization to Green Trike.

The words on the poster all represent things that come in threes, such as tricycle wheels. They read as follows:

As scissors cut paper and paper covers rock
and McCoy stitches Kirk and Mr. Spock
As Neil and Alex and Geddy Lee
share one faith one hope one charity
As you turn it up up and away
with Joseph Darryl and Jam Master Jay
As you wave the red the white and the blue
with Huey Dewey and Poor Old Lu
As you shop for soap at Bed Bath and Beyond
with Harry Hermione and Ron
As a pastor a rabbi and a priest
walk in with Barry Robin and Maurice
As Ad-Roc MCA and Mike
detour through town on a lime-green trike
As a three-stage rocket enters space
with Kurt and Dave and Krist on bass
As you stand on crust on mantle on core
with Alvin Simon and Theodore
As you go sideways down and up
with Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup
As you cross land and sky and water
with Cool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Bambaataa
As it is in Heaven and Earth and Hell
with Beyonce Kelly and Michelle
As good things always come in threes
like one rainy day and you and me.

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