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The Matador letterpress poster was written, designed and printed in June 2015 in Tacoma WA USA.

25 in stock

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The Matador letterpress poster was created in June of 2015. The paper came to us as a donation, preprinted with the yellow section. The bull image was created by cutting out the shape of the bull in 3/4-inch plywood and then filling that shape with vintage lead ornamental type. In case you didn’t get it, the words and concept are a nod to The Story of Ferdinand.

We intentionally try to re-use images, in order to create a recognizable visual language, iconography, and rhythm to the overall Beautiful Angle project. Fancy, eh? This image was first used in February of 2009 for a YEAR OF THE OX poster.

Poster size: 11” wide x 15” tall


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